About Us

In 2013 the founders of 12 Benefits, makers of prestige multi-benefit salon haircare (12benefits.com) noticed an article in the NY Times that emphasized the physical demands many Americans endure working multiple jobs. The 12 Benefits group quickly realized the physical demands beauty professionals endure standing all day behind the chair, in the massage room, or behind the makeup counter to deliver salon services.

Having dedicated a lifetime of work to the professional beauty industry, the 12 Benefits team determined they would develop a new beauty product centered on the health and well being of beauty providers. Stand + deliver compression knee-highs by 12 Benefits are the latest innovation for beauty industry professionals.

Our goal at stand + deliver is to help all beauty professionals improve their craft. With that singular focus, stand + deliver medical grade hosiery is perfect for daily wear at any stage of your career. Our knee-highs are expertly tailored using ultra-soft fabric and enduring graduated compression technology that is ideal to help you feel fresh and energized. Stand + deliver is certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association, so treat your legs, and improve your delivery of any beauty service.

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